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Buying New Construction

Buying a new home directly from a builder is not always a simple process and buyers are best served if they work with a buyer agent. Every buyer deserves to have someone looking out for their best interests when it comes to their largest purchase. It is important to remember that the builder’s sales representative represents the seller’s interests only – not the buyer’s.

The Traci Oliver Team has represented many new construction buyers and has worked with nearly all of the regional builders. We can advise you as to what to expect, the pitfalls and the “gotcha” moments that often arise during a new construction transaction.

Our market expertise is helpful in making decisions on which lot to purchase, the importance of choosing certain options over others and what to splurge vs what you can do later.

Your home is your most important purchase – be sure you are making the right decisions, not pricing your home over the market value, and that your interests are represented.

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