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Home Prep & Staging

When a buyer first visits your home, this is your one and only first impression opportunity. Studies have shown that most buyers make a decision about a house within 15 seconds of walking in the door. Many other buyers make a decision without ever getting out of their car. The message here is that first impressions are very, very important when selling a home.

The Traci Oliver Team are market experts in how to properly prep and stage your home. We know how to highlight your home’s best features and get each space in your home “photo-ready”. We will walk room-by-room with you to make recommendations on the following:

  • What repairs or replacement you need to make
  • As important – what repairs or replacements you do NOT need to make
  • What to remove, move or add to a room to showcase that space’s best features
  • If needed, what paint colors or other choices will work best in your home for selling
  • Staging – with what you have, virtually or bringing in staging materials as needed
  • Recommend contractors or other vendors to make required improvements
  • We even provide a timeline to complete this process to get your home on the market

For unique situations, we have other resources available that allow a homeowner to make major repairs or significant upgrades to improve the value of your home that are then paid at closing.

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