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Selling Experience

At the Traci Oliver Team we respect that for most sellers, the property they are selling is one of – if not THE – most expensive assets they own. Additionally, we know this is your home and often filled with memories and a place where many of your life experiences have happened.

Your home sale is your most important transaction – and it is ours as well. Our first step is to always educate on the current market and all of the outside factors that will impact your sale. With over 22 years of experience, we have listed and sold homes in every type of market and know the nuances to maximize your sale regardless of what type of market we are in.

We are experts in preparing our sellers and their homes for a successful selling experience with our proven three “Ps”: Prep, Pricing and Promotion.

  • We will guide you to best PREP your home – room-by-room
  • We will develop a winning PRICING strategy to sell for absolute best price
  • We will PROMOTE your home across all mediums with best-in-breed marketing tools

We are a full-service real estate team and will professionally manage every aspect of the transaction with an exceptional communication plan to keep you informed and on track. From initial contract negotiations to making sure each contingency is removed with clearly defined terms to getting your home to the closing table on time, you will benefit from our years of experience and high volume of transactions.

Are you a “First Time Seller”? Rest assured that you are in good hands as Traci Oliver wrote and published a book “Home Selling Truths and Real Estate Myths: The Essential Guide For First-Time Home Sellers”. We would be delighted to share a copy or ebook version with you!

Home Prep & Staging

When a buyer first visits your home, this is your one and only first impression opportunity. Studies have shown that most buyers make a decision about a house within 15 seconds of walking in the door. Many other buyers make a decision without ever getting out of their car. The message here is that first impressions are very, very important when selling a home.

The Traci Oliver Team are market experts in how to properly prep and stage your home. We know how to highlight your home’s best features and get each space in your home “photo-ready”. We will walk room-by-room with you to make recommendations on the following:

  • What repairs or replacement you need to make
  • As important – what repairs or replacements you do NOT need to make
  • What to remove, move or add to a room to showcase that space’s best features
  • If needed, what paint colors or other choices will work best in your home for selling
  • Staging – with what you have, virtually or bringing in staging materials as needed
  • Recommend contractors or other vendors to make required improvements
  • We even provide a timeline to complete this process to get your home on the market

For unique situations, we have other resources available that allow a homeowner to make major repairs or significant upgrades to improve the value of your home that are then paid at closing.

Buying and Selling

Buying and Selling at the same time is a complicated process and the key to success is working with seasoned professionals who have repeatedly guided sellers through this process.

The Traci Oliver Team has helped hundreds of clients sell their home and buy their new home successfully. The first step is to explain the “pros and cons” of each option available to our sellers and help them determine which path is best for their situation based on their timeline and financial needs in light of the market conditions and trends.

As detailed transaction managers, our expertise helps you manage the many moving parts that overlap or back-to-back real estate transactions. While the thought of buying, selling and moving all at the same time can be overwhelming, know that we pride ourselves in being able to professionally manage the details to make the transition smooth for our clients.

Luxury Homes

The Traci Oliver Team markets our upper bracket and luxury homes through our exclusive relationship with Forbes Global Properties andaffiliation with The Luxury Alliance.

We have extensive experience in presenting our luxury properties through unique marketing avenues to reach affluent buyers, combined with exceptional service and exquisite marketing materials.

Additional information on our luxury marketing program is available upon request.

Selling Outside Virginia

The Traci Oliver Team is connected to top tier agents in every market throughout the United States – and even internationally. We have vetted colleagues that are experts in their specific markets that we can introduce you to for a purchase or sale of your next home or even a vacation or investment property.

Selling, buying and moving – especially when leaving the area or state – can be stressful. Knowing that you have a trusted advisor to guide you through the new location can alleviate the unknown and make the transition smoother.

We are available to provide this service at no charge regardless of where you (or your family members) are looking and even if you are not ready to sell your home here just yet. Making connections and helping buyers and sellers is what we do best.

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